Safety & Wellbeing at work

Don't learn safety by accident

As an employer, you are responsible for safety and well-being on the shop floor. There are many legal obligations, such as fire safety and psychosocial aspects, which your company must comply with. But safety measures also have a cost-saving effect and optimise the performance of your employees. Just think of all the ergonomic standards that prevent overburdening and possible sick leave.  

What can Kingsm3n do for you?

We make sure your organisation keeps up with the changing safety standards, taking into account the 7 wellbeing domains. As your external safety partner, we work together on a healthy working environment. We carry out a comprehensive safety and wellbeing audit of your company site and draw up a watertight safety plan. Since different measures apply to every sector, we always work tailored to your company. We do this autonomously or in cooperation with the prevention service and other safety partners.

We got your back!

In addition to punctual projects, we also offer 3 formulas:




preliminary GAP analysis*

1 hour/week (half day/month)

tailor-made "well-being at work" advice

preliminary GAP analysis*

2 hours/week (1 day/month)

tailored "well-being at work" advice

most frequently chosen formula by the SMEs

preliminary GAP analysis*

4 hours/week (2 days/month)

tailor-made "well-being at work" advice

*GAP analysis: a preliminary check on which legal obligations are present in the company and which are not. 

Engage Kingsm3n for:


Our safety experts check your company buildings against the safety standards in force and put the results in an extensive safety report. Our experts can also audit your company on the 7 wellbeing domains.


Our safety consultants roll out your safety plan step by step and prepare your company for a possible visit of the safety inspection.


From first aid in case of accidents to fire fighting, we teach your organisation from needle to thread what needs to be done at what time.

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