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Kingsm3n, compagnion de route of your business

Investing in a safety audit, management consultant or sales training?
At Kingsm3n, the customer is always king!

We don't believe in standard solutions, but consciously choose an approach tailored to your business. That business may be big or small, but it must be wonderfully honest and ambitious. This way we can generously use our experience and expertise to support your growth. More sales, more turnover, a sharper business vision, better management skills or a safety partner to relieve you of all your worries? Our Kingsm3n swear allegiance to your goals and obey your company DNA. 

Meet & greet the Kingsm3n, at your service:

Yen Vercauteren

As an independent consultant in the security sector, Yen is the expert in surveillance and security law. As a successful criminologist, he has taught at various renowned security companies. From planning and organising to group-oriented leadership, in addition to rolling out a vigorous security policy, Yen also guides companies in solving complex management issues.

Michaël Marbais

Michaël graduated as a physiotherapist and earned his stripes as a fire fighter. In addition, he trained employees for years in fire prevention, first aid and ergonomics, and guided organisations in drawing up emergency procedures and fire prevention files. As the icing on the cake, he obtained his diploma as level 1 prevention advisor. Michaël is the perfect person to advise and support companies in their wellbeing and safety policy.

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